Best Guess Mineral Mix

by Balanced Nutrition
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Best Guess Mineral Mix by Carol Layton at Balanced Equine

Net weight = 1.06 kg  for Regular Size - will last 6 months on the standard feeding rate for one horse. Also available in Large Size 4.5kg.

A high bioavailable mineral mix with the minerals that most horses are deficient in using proven premium mineral sources.

The Best Guess mineral mix is ideal for horses where the mineral supplementation is lacking copper and zinc. A lack of copper and zinc can be the cause of cracked and shelly hooves, and sun bleached, faded coats.

 Elemental mineral Per standard feeding rate

  Copper  200 mg

  Zinc  600 mg

  Iodine  2 mg





By adding 3 kg plain salt, the standard feeding rate will be 1 metric tablespoon. The salt is a 'filler' so that measuring the feeding rate is very easy and convenient. Adding salt is optional. If you prefer you can leave the salt out and supplement the mix on it's own.

Safe for laminitic prone or insulin resistant (IR) horses.