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  • Equicast can be applied by an owner, vet, or farrier is user-friendly and affordable for the treatment of hoof problems (structural wall failure). Casting adds temporary wear protection and support to the whole hoof capsule. Whether these equine hoof problems originated naturally or by man doings, casting (Equicast) helps support the whole hoof capsule, this added support does help grow stronger healthier hoof walls and soles. Our products and wrapping methods have been designed to assist nature in restoring healthy and effective biomechanics necessary for sustainable and healthy growth.

  • A sign of cast failure is when a split develops over the frog and/or loosens up around the top of the hoof. Increase to the next size. Example if a 2″ cast is on and the cast splits I will increase to a 3″ cast. And make sure you use most if not all the roll on each foot. DO NOT try to get two (2) feet per roll.

  • Moisture or water does not affect the integrity of the cast however horses the paw or travel on sand will wear the toe of the cast off faster then horses ridden in grass, clay or dirt footings.

    For more information visit http://www.equicast.com/

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