Laminitis Rescue Mineral Mix

Laminitis Rescue Mineral Mix

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Net weight = 2.9 kg size - will last just under 6 months on the standard feeding rate for one horse. Also available in Large 4.95kg size.

A highly bioavailable mineral and vitamin mix with the minerals and vitamins that will benefit laminitic horses using proven premium sources, combined with a low sugar + starch diet.

Laminitis Rescue mix is ideal for horses where the intake is lacking copper, zinc, magnesium and selenium. The B vitamin biotin can help with insulin signalling and both pyridoxine and folic acid can assist with nitric oxide production for blood circulation, in particular perfusion in the hooves.

 Elemental mineral/vitamin Per standard feeding rate

  Copper  300 mg

  Zinc  900 mg

  Selenium  1 mg

  Magnesium6 grams

  Biotin vitamin B720 mg

  Pyridoxine vitamin B6  200 mg

  Folic acid vitamin B9  20 mg

No need to add any salt like the Best Guess mineral mix, Laminitis Rescue is ready to go as is. The standard feeding rate is 17 grams or a 1.2 metric tablespoon (slightly heaped tablespoon, best to weigh). 

Ideal for laminitic prone or insulin resistant (IR) horses.