ISAE Regional Conference - New Zealand

I had an amazing time representing The University of Melbourne at the ISAE regional conference in New Zealand today. 

I was invited to present my Masters findings regarding the ability of horse owners to use a Horse Welfare Assessment Tool (HWAT) to evaluate the welfare of their own horses. In this presentation I focused mainly on my results regarding horse owners ability to Body Condition Score (BSC) their own horses, and what were the welfare implications of the results. I found that horse owners could successfully use a body condition score chat to evaluate their horses BCS, however the problem seems to lie not in owners ability to evaluate body fat distribution, but rather to recognize when the excess body fat becomes obesity, and to take it seriously. 

My abstract was also published in the conference proceedings. 

While in New Zealand I also took the opportunity to have some fun, going ziplining, caving, and visiting Hobbiton! 





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