The Australian Farriers Conference - 2018

Erin and Courtney Stevens did an AMAZING job putting together the first annual Australian Farrier's Conference in NSW. This was a fabulous line-up of lecturers with advice that would be invaluable to improving both your farriery skills and your business management. 

I think many farriers found the business component in particular eye-opening, with an interactive spreadsheet showing you how your figures can change dramatically from just making small differences to how you run things. 

I was invited to present my PhD research (preliminary results stage only) at this conference looking at the Farrier-Owner-Horse relationship triangle and how different factors in these relationships may influence horse hoof care and subsequent welfare outcomes, and presented a 2nd lecture on the use of glue and composite shoes for hoof rehabilitation. 

We also ran a trade-stall at this event so between presenting, learning and selling it was all systems go! 

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