6 Great Quotes from a Weekend with Ramey

It's been a busy year for us this year, so sorry for the gaps in the posts! But I finally have a spare moment to update regarding out little weekend away at a Pete Ramey clinic. I attended the ISAE Regional Meeting in New Zealand (preceded by several days of Hobbit hunting around the countryside), presented, caught the RedEye home, home for 8 hours, drove 9 hours to Canberra stopping at as many of Australia's Iconic-Big-Things as we could on the way, arrived in some sort of overly tired, V-fueled daze, and then had a bit of a breakdown over dinner when we needed to produce ID, pay a $2 membership fee, and trek to an ATM that may as well have been in Mordor just to get to eat some over-cooked soccer-club calamari. BUT we made it. And we had a blast meeting one of the icons of bare-hoofcare and catching up with other industry professionals.

Here are some of my favourite key quotes from the weekend.  

  1. "If you're going to succeed at this job, a large part of it is PR - a lot of people own their horses just to feed them. Not that they know that, they're galloping off in to the sunset in their hearts and minds!" 
  2. "You can fail with someone much cheaper than me, here's their card"
  3. "If you ask me professionally if you should ever ride an unsound horse, the answer is unequivocally no." 
  4. "Why would you prove your love for someone by feeding them something that's bad for them? We need to teach owners how to treat"
  5. "If you give one horse a bucket with a lot of feed, and one horse a bucket with a little feed and a bunch of rocks, the one without the rocks will finish first and be jealous of the one with the rocks, and both will be convinced that the one with the rocks got more"
  6. "Do you really need to change this and change that and change this if you want to ride your horse barefoot? YES! If you chose to run crappy hooves on your horses just shoe the damn thing. It becomes an ethical concern."
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Anna Burggraaff - July 11, 2019

Henry Rollins of hoof care :)

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