EponaShoe Casting Hooks

by EponaShoe
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The use of casting hooks eliminate the need to have the casting material go underneath the shoe- hence the shoe's traction is preserved and the casting material is not worn away on the underside of the shoe.

EponaShoe test horses were able to keep the cast shoes on for a full 6 week shoeing cycle!

Casting Hooks are extremely easy to use. Simply press the hooks into nail holes, and if need be tap in with a hammer. 2 or 4 hooks (or possibly more) may be used depending on the situation. The hooks are tapped into place and then the hoof is cast from the ground up, but not going underneath the shoe.

We recommend using size small casting hooks for 000 and 00 size EponaShoes and large size casting hooks for size 0-5 EponaShoes.