Glue-U Shufill Shock Absorber (Silicones)

by Glue-U
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Update as of 16/5/2023 - once the other colours are sold out we will be discontinuing them and only stocking Green A25 in future
  • Firm but soft cushion support pad material in five Shores A10  (Blue) (Softest)– A20 (Green) – A25 (Clear) – A30 (Purple) – A40 (Yellow) (Firmest). 

  • Offers protection, cushioning and support for the hoof sole.

  • Fill up to ground level for support of foundered and laminitis cases.

  • Set time 4 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

  • Temperature and humidity might have effect on the performance of this product.

  • The silicone range has no adhesive properties, it won't stick to the shoe. It is designed for use under a pad. (But in our experience it will generally stay in adequately under a wide-web polyurethane shoe). If you're after something with more stickability, have a look at the Glue-U Urethanes

  • Mixing tips sold separately