Glushu Mini Kits (Pair including Glue and Tips)

by Innovative Hoof Care Australia

  • I'm a horse owner - can I apply these myself?
    I would not recommend trying to apply these yourself without any professional support from an experienced user. 

  • Can I just nail these on? 
    No, this is a glue-on product only.

  • How long do they last?
    They will last a full normal cycle IF applied correctly, of 4-8 weeks depending on how soon your horse need to be re-trimmed.

  • Can I reuse them?
    Generally not. When applied correctly they are very hard to remove and are generally taken off by cutting the rubber cuff off. You should consider this a single-use product.

  • What glue should I use for applying? 
    You can use an acrylic OR urethane glue for this product. So from this store I would recommend the Glue-U Shufit as the standard glue which is provided in the kits. Alternatively you can use Glue-U Shufix for a super-fast setting product but this will need to be purchased separately. 
  • What size do I need?  
    If you are a horse owner please consult with the farrier supporting you. The sizing chart is available if you flick through the provided images. Please measure after a fresh trim with consideration for any distortion or flare that may need to be removed, or any alteration you wish to make to the horses footprint. 

  • Can you tell me what size to buy if I give you my horses measurements?
    No sorry. For one its just me here, I'm a busy single mum who is out trimming my own clients horses all day and runs this store as a self-serve option aimed primarily at practitioners. I just can't get back to all these sorts of inquiries in a timely manner.
    Secondly, you should discuss sizing with your hoof care practitioner and ideally order in what they are best recommending - I don't suggest applying shoes if you're not a hoof care practitioner. 
    Thirdly, I'd be relying on the fact that you'd actually taken the measurements correctly, on appropriately and freshly trimmed feet, and accounted for any flare or distortion that your practitioner may wish to remove once they have the shoes. I also wouldn't know if your practitioner is wanting to deliberately increase or decrease or set back your horses footprint.