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Shufit Adhesive

Shufit Adhesive

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  • Glue for bonding horse shoes and reparations.
  • Will bond steel, aluminium and even urethane shoes.
  • Suitable for repairing large cracks and creating extensions.
  • Weight bearing in 5 minutes.
  • Temperature and humidity might have effect on the performance of this product.
  • 150ml is the perfect amount for gluing on two GluShus
  • We recommend using a heating pad on cooler days to keep your glue at the optimal temperature - it will handle better and set quicker!
  • DONT FORGET - you need an adapter to use the 150ml stubby product in the regular Glue-U gun, it will not pump out of the tube without it! The 420ml cartidge needs a 420ml gun. If you're not sure what gun to get, please email us and we'll help you out! :) 

    Stubbies can use this gun:

    Or this gun WITH AN ADAPTER:

    420ml tubes require this gun and won't fit in the above guns:

  • Mixing tips sold separately