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What product do you recommend for thrush / seedy toe?

For narrow or deep tracts and fissures where it might be hard to get to all the problem tissue I recommend Bug Buster as it is an extremely wicking purple liquid and will draw in to any hard-to-reach places. Artimud is fantastic for a frog thrush or larger areas of seedy toe or abscess cavities that have been dug out, or you can use it to plug an area after Bug Buster has been applied. It will not stay in if used in large clumps. If the hole is deep enough that you can stuff cotton wool in it, then Hoof Stuff may be better than Artimud for your horse, and again this can be used after applying Bug Buster. Field Paste is recommended for low grade hoof thrush or as a preventative and was designed to be quite sticky and with horses in mind that don't get their feet picked out daily. 

That said - no product will eliminate your horses seedy toe if the hoof is not trimmed to be balanced, the seedy toe must be appropriately resected by your practitioner, and your horses diet and living environment need to be appropriate. If your horse has large cracks that aren't addressed and lives in mud and gets trimmed every 12 weeks nothing will make a lasting difference. I'd recommend having your horses feet trimmed at LEAST every 4-6 weeks (generally the more frequent the better for severe cracks) and discussing a plan with your hoof care practitioner going forward.

What size shoe should I buy my 15hh horse? 

Your horses height won't fully determine their hoof size. Go to the store listing for the shoe you're interested in and you will find a sizing chart. Measure your horses hoof after a fresh trim. Consider also if you are going to trim tighter once you have the shoes for the horse. Then pick the best option. The listing will advise if the shoe can be narrowed or spread on the anvil such as a GluShu, or if you can grind some material off such as the Epona. 

If I send you my horse's measurements can you tell me what size shoe? 

No sorry. For one its just me here, I'm a busy single mum who is out trimming my own clients horses all day and runs this store as a self-serve option aimed primarily at practitioners. I just can't get back to all these sorts of inquiries in a timely manner.
Secondly, you should discuss sizing with your hoof care practitioner and ideally order in what they are best recommending - I don't suggest applying shoes if you're not a hoof care practitioner. 
Thirdly, I'd be relying on the fact that you'd actually taken the measurements correctly, on appropriately and freshly trimmed feet, and accounted for any flare or distortion that your practitioner may wish to remove once they have the shoes. I also wouldn't know if your practitioner is wanting to deliberately increase or decrease or set back your horses footprint. 

Can I buy these shoes and apply them myself? 

I get this question a lot but with no specification of WHICH shoe. But as a guide if you're talking about a nail-on product I strongly advise against nailing anything on to a horses foot without professional tuition. 
If we're talking about a glue-on then I would strongly advise against them if you have no hoof care or trimming experience. If you have a farrier or trimmer who can guide you, or if you're a practitioner wanting to learn glue-ons for the first time, then I'd suggest starting with the GluShu as a relatively easy glue-on. The Epona requires a much higher level of technical skill. PLEASE NOTE - a bad shoeing will do more damage to your horse faster than a bad trim. It is in your horses best interest to leave shoeing to a professional. You will need to follow the instructions thoroughly for CLEAN, DRY hooves. If your shoes aren't staying on you are most likely not prepping or applying correctly - the glue should last a full cycle of 8 weeks *easily*. 

I purchased a product from you - can I return it?

You can find the refund terms and conditions here

I'd like this item ASAP - can you please post it today? 

Sometimes you get lucky and order right before the post run, but chances are, no I can't, and I probably won't even see your message asking me to because I'll be out trimming client horses. I pack parcels often in the evening to drop in to a post office with me the next day. And I also live in the country so my local post office has limited hours and is too far away to make a special trip out for one item. When you purchase goods through this store you will receive a check-box letting you know that it takes 1-3 *business days* to post orders. Express shipping is the speed at which Australia Post moves it through the system, and not the speed at which I can pack and post it. Please be mindful of VICTORIAN public holidays and extra long weekends such as Easter. Please check our website or facebook page for closure details around Christmas time. 

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