FAQ - Hoof Care Services

Are you taking on new trimming clients?

Yes, however my time is quite limited and I am only taking on TRIMMING jobs (no shoes) where I believe we will be a good fit for each other. All of my clients are on a recurring 5-week automated booking (e.g. every 5th Friday at 9am). And I will only take on well behaved horses. There must be shade at a MINIMUM (safe shade that your horse is willing to use - a shed that is unsafe for trimming in or that your horse is scared of doesn't count).  I might visit certain areas only on one specific weekday every 5 weeks so it will need to line up with when you’re also available. I am not taking on any unruly horses, or heavy horses.

Are you available to shoe / "poly-shoe" my horse? 

I don't offer any traditional metal shoeing services and never have. I was offering glue-on and polyurethane services however I am not available for this work at present due to having two small children and the additional time constraints involved with this sort of work.

Do you service x area?

Please check out the map for service areas (Shepparton is also Orange, I just couldn’t fit it on the map). If you’re within 1 suburb it won’t hurt to ask. If you’re in an unshaded area and approximately 1.5-2 hours from Yea I might consider it for a large booking of 4 or more horses. Any more than 2 hours from Yea is a Definite No. Werribee and Geelong are a No.

Green is serviced regularly.

Yellow is less regular and I might only have one day per 5 week cycle that I visit there. I may not be able to double back for you if you cancel your booking. There may be a wait for new clients to get in for these areas until the next time I visit.

Orange areas only have 1 day per 5 week cycle AND have a minimum 2-horse requirement – if you miss this appointment I will NOT be able to double back for you. There may be a wait for new clients to get in for these areas until the next time I visit.

You don't service my area, but can you meet me somewhere or I can come to you?

No. Sorry. My house is my home I currently do not offer appointments from my home. I prefer to do horses in their home environment so we can best troubleshoot any difficulties your horse may be having, and also because your horse will be most relaxed there. Its not safe to be trying to get under a horse who is stressed after getting off a float at a new venue. Of course some horses may be perfectly fine in a new location, but unfortunately this has proven too unreliable over the years.

Do you have someone you can recommend if you don't service my area?

No. Sorry I don't like giving recommendations that might fall back on me, but also I receive so many messages I can't respond back and forth to all the subsequent messages that come with it for everyone who asks.

I heard this person trained under you, do you recommend them?

At this point I have not formally trained anyone in hoof care. I have delivered a number of lectures at various institutions, I have hosted work shops, I have had ride-alongs, and I have had a small handful of employees over the years who did not receive their formal training from me, so you may wish to clarify which of these categories they fall in to. I do not give recommendations for hoof care providers. I have also never trained anyone in traditional shoeing as it is not one of my skill-sets. 

What are your qualifications? 

I currently hold a Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy from the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy, a Bachelor of Animal Science and Management from The University of Melbourne, a Master of Animal Science from The University of Melbourne, I am currently a PhD candidate at The University of Melbourne studying the relationship between Hoof Care Practitioners, Horses and Horse Owners and how that effects horse hoof and welfare outcomes. I also hold a Certificate I & II in Equine Myofascial Release and Certificate I in Equine Craniosacral Therapy however I do not practice in these areas. I have also been a guest lecturer and/or presenter at several national and international conferences on hoof care and animal welfare including The Australian Farriers Conference. 

Do you offer after-hours appointments?

No. I can only work around the hours childcare is available on weekdays. I also offer limited Saturdays in the Yarra Valley / Eastern Suburbs / Yarra Glen / Kangaroo Ground areas with some conditions.

Why is everyone on a 5 week cycle?

For several reasons. Most importantly – its good for your horse to have regular hoof care at an appropriate interval. 5 weeks suits most horses without breaking the bank for most owners. However I have made the appointments recurring for a few reasons. You don’t want to wait until your horse “looks due” before you call your farrier - by the time I get out there your horses hooves will be too long. And you don’t want to have to play phone tag for days – I’m usually under a horse, driving, or with my family, riding my own horse …or asleep. Farriers could have literally hundreds of clients so if everyone is trying to contact us about wanting their horse done its very hard to get back to everyone. Having everyone on recurring appointments also allows me to group geographical areas cutting down on travel and therefore expenses, and allowing me to get to more horses per day. Similarly if some people are on 4 weeks, some on 5 weeks, some on 6 weeks then I can end up with more horses falling due than I can actually manage and some horses will miss out. To sum it up – its better for your horse, more reliable for you, and less admin and miles for your farrier!

My horse doesn’t need 5 weeks, can you do 6/7/8 instead?

No. Then I have to fall back into the trap of doubling back to areas I’ve already been to, the feet aren’t as good, and its more admin for me again to have to keep working out where to put you. Its not just you asking, if I say yes to one then I start saying yes to more and that stuffs up the whole system.

Can you do my horse every 2nd cycle?

No. You’d be amazed how often I get asked this. If it happens once because of something unavoidable its not the end of the world. But generally speaking 10 weeks is an inappropriately long time between trims, and you’d also be taking up a spot that I could use for someone who wants their horses done every cycle.

What are your rates?

$80 each plus a $20 property levy* 

Drafts $120 each (unavailable)
GluShus from $300 per pair (unavailable)
Eponashoes from $450 per pair (unavailable)

* Property levy will be charged pro rata across horses if multiple owners are on the same property. If an owner wants me to attend to horse/s on a 2nd property on the same day, a 2nd property levy is charged. 

Prices include GST. 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or a 50% fee will be charged. Cancellations of 6 hours or less will incur the full booked fee. I will wait until 15 minutes in to your booked time before leaving and considering you a no-show if I have received no communication that you are late. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late I may not be able to fit you in any more and you may be considered as a no-show (this includes if you are present but still cannot catch your horse by this time). Prices subject to change and are effective for all new clients, and will take effect for all existing clients as of Jan 01 2024. 

Can you do bulk discounts?

No. The more horses per property usually the more strain on my body and the greater the likelihood that at least one of those horses will be difficult and that owners don’t handle them regularly or have them caught and lined up. I’m quite happy doing smaller stops.

I have minis – can you do them cheaper?

No. Your minis don’t use less of my education or require me to drive less distance than larger horses.

I’m a pensioner – can you do them cheaper?

No. I’m a single mum and have considerable child care and baby sitting expenses to work at all. I’d love to help people out, but I can’t afford to subsidise your hobby.

Cool! That’s great. Keep booking Bob!


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