Why the FAQs?

Hi! You've discovered or been redirected to my FAQ page. I'm sorry I haven't personally answered you if you've messaged me! I would love to be able to respond to everyone, but unfortunately I simply can't. 

I've set up these FAQs so that if your question is covered by something in here I likely won't reply and will archive your message as you should now have your answer.

If you've read the FAQs and would still like to book an appointment, or still need assistance, please message me again! I usually do a catch-up day on a Monday or Tuesday, but sometimes have so many I can't get through them all. 

Why can't I return your message/call? 

I'm a busy single mum of a toddler and a baby. So when I'm home with my children (such as after hours and weekends) they require my undivided attention. If I'm out trimming horses while my children are in care I am trying to focus on my client. And if I'm driving between clients my reception is often patchy, OR if its a booking matter I can't look at my diary (or my store orders or shipping/tracking) while I'm driving anyway. I can't take my eyes off a baby who is eating, and once my children have gone to sleep I need to pack the orders and pack bags and the work car for the next day and then go to sleep ASAP ready for an early morning. Add on top I still have my own animals to care for and need to eat etc there just simply aren't the hours in the day right now.

Why don't you put someone on to answer messages? 

If I wanted to work at my maximum capacity I would put someone on, but when working part time hours while juggling children and animals its just not worth it to pay someone to mostly tell people I can't help them with their horse that lives 3 hours away.


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